Basic concepts of American education

Understanding the purpose of American education enables us to find core elements that have led to education transformation in America. American public education has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past decades. The witnessed transformation not only includes technology sector but diversity in policies as well. As still an old question being asked today, “What is the purpose of American public education?” technically, some may have an answer to this question, some might not agree.

Centrally, public education steers it potentiality towards education improvement. The following are basic purposes of American public education;

  • Job preparation

National and international researchers have shown that America has much work to do if we are to stay competitive. Staying competitive will enable us to fulfill the promise of good jobs that are awaiting students after completing their studies. In the new generation, common core standards have begun to encourage the widening of instruction through the interception of language arts, science, and history studies.  Moreover, new standards and frameworks, on the other hand, emphasize the importance of being well read and having deep knowledge across all disciplines. Therefore, these supporting documents are interwoven when it comes to problem solving, modeling, explanation and collaboration.

  • Active civic participation

When it comes this section, it primarily deals with education for democracy front. Many reformers have come up with a new form of choice and public education. From the initial of our democracy experimentation, early champions like Jefferson, Franklin, and Adam were at the forefront of these reformations. The primary reason for these reformers was public education and nation building. By then, schools were referred as free common schools where people could widely endorse the idea of students having shared sense of national identity.

On the contrary, this view of education has recently fallen due to hard times. Currently, several nations join their efforts focusing revitalizing civic education. Among these are the civic organizations that were founded by the united states retired united states Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O’Connor. The fire, civic participation focus on the below factors’

  • Classroom instruction
  • Discussion of current events
  • Service learning
  • Extracurricular activities
  • School governance
  • Simulation of democratic process

The third important aspect of American public education is to lead a full life. This is vital because it enriches every Childs future. Unfortunately, this has disappeared in from public discussion about schooling. Basing on history, it was considered as being one of the major rationales for the provision of liberal education for all. It was being done the since that was driven towards helping students reach the liberal educational goal.

Therefore, philosophical explorations of life intercepts through the lens of the following paradigm;

  • Transmission of our culture values
  • Self-actualization to help students reach their potential talents
  • Engagement with the real world
  • The skill of learning including self-monitoring in working groups

Essentially, the idea of broadening schools and educational objectives has become much more widespread. If it means using all the three goals of education, our approach to building better schools will shift drastically.

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