University of Milano
Chemical and Pharmacological Technology
 Chemical and Pharmacological Technology   07/03  Biology and Biotechnology
 University of Verona  Ph.D.  12/07  Biotechnology Applied to Biomedical Sciences
 University of Milano fellowship at the CNR Institute of Neuroscience, Milano  Post-doc position  01/08  
 CNR Institue of Neuroscience  Researcher  12/11  Neuroscience



I’m interested in understanding the functions of proteins which regulate synapses formation and plasticity. I’m particularly interested to understand the role of Shank family of proteins in regulating dendritic spines and synaptic function. I recently contributed to show that Shank and Homer form a mesh-like matrix structure in the PSD that works as an assembly platform for other PSD proteins (Hayashi et al. 2009, Cell 137:159-71). I also demonstrated the role of Shank3 in regulating metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mGluR5) expression and signaling at synapses (Verpelli et al. 2011, J Biol Chem. 286:34839-50). I recently started to use hiPSCs to study neuronal developmental diseases such as intellectual disabilities and autism. My interest is also focused in understanding how neuronal activity controls synaptic plasticity. In a recent work I demonstrated the role of the eEF2 kinase (eEF2K) in regulating the dendritic translation of BDNF mRNA (Verpelli, et al., 2010, J Neurosci. 30:5830-42). In the last five years I’m author and co-author of twenty seven peer reviewed papers published in international scientific journals.



2012-to present: CNR researcher and group leader at CNR Institute of Neuroscience, Milano

2007-2011: Post-doc position, University of Milano fellowship at the CNR Institute of Neuroscience, Milano



2015-2017 Jerome Lejeune FoundationNeuronal “Dysfunctions Underlying Phelan−McDermid Syndrome and their Rescue by Pharmacological Therapies in Animal Models and Patients' Derived iPS Cells”.

2014-2016 CARIPLO Foundation, Italy. Phenotype characterization of PCDH19 mutations underlying “Epilepsy with Mental Retardation limited to Females” (EFMR) syndrome using in vitro and in vivo models.




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  • Carlessi L, Fusar Poli E, Bechi G, Mantegazza M, Pascucci B, Narciso L, Dogliotti E, Sala C, Verpelli C, Lecis D, Delia D. Functional and molecular defects of hiPSC-derived neurons from patients with ATM deficiency. Cell Death Dis. 2014 Jul 17;5:e1342. doi: 10.1038/cddis.2014.310.
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Verpelli C, Schmeisser MJ, Sala C, Boeckers TM. (2012) Scaffold proteins at the postsynaptic density. Adv Exp Med Biol. 2012;970:29-61.





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